Serving for a party of 20, or 500!

Be it a a Diwali party, Holi lunch, a lavish anniversary party, a children’s birthday bash, an afternoon poolside party or even a wine and cheese evening, we will customise our menus to cater for you. Our well trained chefs will come over and prepare fresh delicious food to make your occasion a memorable one.
Burmese Kitchen: Wine and Cheese soiree
Burmese Kitchen: Childrens Birthday parties
Burmese Kitchen: Throw A Poolside Party
Burmese Kitchen: Salads, Pasta and Dessert
Wine and Cheese soiree.
Wine and cheese parties are a great way for guests to mingle and try new things. The nice thing about these parties is that they are so versatile - they can range from sophisticated and upscale to super casual. While a wine and cheese party is unique because each host has his or her own ideas on which wine to serve and which cheese should complement the wine, there are some ideas that are proven with time. Burmese Kitchen can help you with these ideas and create a magical evening. Contact us for a sample menu.
Childrens Birthday parties
Whether you are planning your child’s first birthday or gearing up for a teen’s coming-of-age; everything from food to decorations should be kept as simple as possible. Your job is to marvel at how your baby’s growing up - not to be running around getting hassled. The key to creating a wonderful event is to make it memorable - for you! And to help you make this happen, Burmese Kitchen is now catering for birthday parties. Contact us for a sample menu.
Throw A Poolside Party
Go upscale and create a posh outdoor party that everyone will be talking about. A great party requires planning, but the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. Whether you do a pool party or not, the attitude of the host is the number one determinant of a successful party - so have fun and let us worry about what your guests will eat. Contact us for a sample menu.
Salads, Pasta and Dessert
Burmese Kitchen organizes lunches with popular food which is delicious as well as wholesome - with steamed items, whole wheat pasta and an array of fresh fruits. Contact us for a sample menu